Sorry to my friends who regularly check out my blog. Yes I know you guys are wondering where I have been right now. No sounds. No news from me. (haha, kala mo naman ang dami dami kong readers…) =) I guess I should get in the habit once again of writing at the end of the day and to do my lists as I used to. It is very gratifying to know that people are reading the stuff I post here, as it seems, once again, there are readers who do not comment much of the time, but from time to time they appear and say thanks for a post or a thought. You never know how people are going to react to someone’s blog and writings.

I’ve been busy in my thesis and some final requirements in my studies, (awa naman ng diyos ok na lahat). And if you guys are thinking to ask me something, my answer is yes, I will be graduating again this Friday, March 28, 2008, 2:00 P.M @ CCP. Another life changing experience for me, wheeew, moments =), ang sarap ng feeling, coz I got another thing that a person cannot buy, education.

Tomorrow I’ll be receiving my cap and gown to wear at my Graduation Ceremony. I’m so nervous and excited, hindi kasi ako nagattend nung una akong grumaduate ng college, I already forgot the feeling and sensation of it coz the last time I experienced it was when I graduated in Infant Jesus Montessori School’s Gymnasium, that was 7 years ago (March of the year 2001), naalala ko pa nga pagkatapos ng ceremony kawawa mga lower batch kasi tradition na ni Teacher Imee ang “third year after care” hehe! =) I can’t believe I’m graduating again! This post may mark the beginning of the beginning of a new era. It may not seem much to others but for me, I’m sure it is or will be.

For others, graduation is just an action of receiving or conferring an academic degree or the associated ceremony. It is also just a formal completion of an instructional program or course of study. Students graduate after successfully meeting all credit and course. But for me, it’s more than that, graduation for me, is one of my proudest moment. (lalo na pag nakikita mo na ung mga mahal mo sa buhay na tuwang tuwa sa nakamit mo, ung mga matatanda ng lolo at lola ko, ung nanay ko na mag-isang magulang ko lang na nagpalaki saming magkakapatid, ung mga kapatid ko, ung mga mabubuting kaibigan ko at marami pang iba, wow, sarap talaga ng feeling).=)

Studying and finishing the course is not a joke. Naalala ko pa, 48 kami lahat nun, tapos ngaun 16 lang kaming gragraduate, tama talaga ang kasabihang, “only the strong will survive!” When the course started, everything started to change. The environment and the lecture timetable have changed me. Second sem is a honeymoon for everyone. I started to slack since then, beer here, beer there and beer everywhere (kasama sila ping, sila cyrus, sila sir edi at sir Edwin). Good thing that the bad habit is gone now, no more slacking, just drinking and enjoying my time, still drinking but it is done moderately, hehe =). Third sem is a killing semester. All of us got through eventually. And the next hurdle was the last sem. It was a freaking crazy sem! I still managed to struggle through during the thesis deadline periods. Fortunately, the project was beatable. Without the help of our panel and adviser I know it will hurdle till now. Thank you!

Before I end this post, I just want to share this sms that I received from a friend when I am still studying and having difficulties in my studies. It says “Study for so long and the proudest moment is when you wear the graduation gown, receive diploma and take picture with your family. Study smart and strive hard. You deserve to wear it. Jia You! (Good Luck!)”, in just a few days I will forward this text to her and I will append something saying “Thank you, guess what? I did it!”…..


I think, mas masaya pa rin at walang makakatapat sa feeling ng hayskul graduation, hehe. =)

More P.S. (hehe)

Marahil ay nagtataka kayo kung bakit lumang date ang mga nabanggit ko sa blog na ito, yun ay dahil nirepost ko lang ang blog na ito, this blog was originally published on my friendster last March 25, 2008 pa..ayun, hehe..


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