Life is like programming, it is very confusing, it turns your brain upside down That's why to know the language you will use is a very big advantage to take over all those challenges in life.

doing a code in life wouldnt be hard, really like executing a line of codes picking the one you love

import love.someone.oppositesex;

import data.mySQL;

Select * from oppositesex where attitude = "myType of attitude" and age17;

which in java... or ruby which is...

if age17 and attitude="myType" => I will marry her..

you can even put your life on Rails, or either on PHilippinePeso -- which is Php for people looking for rich peeps around...

or taking advantage C++,C#,D for people who choose brain... or lastly you can use VB for people who are stupid that execute first and result a VB(baby) then now crazy enough to find what goes wrong(bug) from the code...

kaya dapat mag-isip muna, hindi yung hindot pindot ka ng pindot ng enter. kung nadede-bug nga lang sana yung mga nagawa mo ng mali para maitama uli, eh kaso hindi eh. kung pwede lang sanang mag umpisa magmula sa umpisa (ctrl+a tapos del) tapos (ctrl+n) tapos ayun umpisa na, ok din sana kung pwedeng magsave tapos reload mo na lang sa system check point pag nagkamali ka, o kaya pag ayaw mo na, (alt+f4) lang katapat nyan, pag pagod na pagod ka na pwede ring (winlogo+u+u) o kaya (alt+f4+u) sana ganun lang kadali ang buhay, sana may cut and paste, sana may google, at sana wag mag brown out pag enjoy na enjoy ka na..sana lang puro sana, sana, sana, sana…….


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