Stepping into a different land with unique culture and incomparable attractions was never that usual with me. It was my first international trip and now I could finally describe how was it being far and knew how things work in a not so familiar place where I’ve stay for five unforgettable days. (ehem, si pedro sosyal, haha) After a couple of months preparing for the tour that was very much taxing for me where I faced so many responsibilities and duties, I then felt relaxed and lastly received my reward to have fun and be able to think just for myself. Thailand, here I come!

(click dito)

I had a very good sleep the night before the tour and I could honestly tell that I’m an early bird who came just in time because I woke up early and had fixed myself before the assembly at our meeting place. (eksayted eh, bakit ba? hehe) I took lots of pictures even before arriving at the airport; cam-whoring started early, as if there were no other place and no time for that. My buddy (let’s just call her gorgonya for privacy’s sake) wasn’t able to have her breakfast too so immediately after having our boarding pass we ate and roam around to observe the facilities in the airport. After a few minutes, we’re able to board on the plane and woke up just when the plane landed. I was amazed with the structure of their airport and I definitely experienced an excellent airport scene even though it was so big that we need to walk and used their “walkalator”. Meeting people from other countries in one place was really fun. I have to overhear their discussions to know their nationality. So when we met our very own tour guide Mr. Bong (James Bong, it’s not funny, I know, haha) we begun to asked questions about their language and few commonly used words that we might use during our stay. After our immediate transfer to the hotel, we felt starvation that we had to call for room food delivery service and had to pay Baht after we received the food. It was like we hadn’t eaten anything yet. I said this because for a very short period of time, we were done eating and upon receiving the ketchup for the pizza, it was all gone to our stomach. (patay gutom attacks!) Before we convene at the lobby I took a bath because it was just exactly like in Manila that I felt the need to freshen up after being exposed to heat. The running city tour was a blastoff, the streets in Bangkok were flashing on me as I observed their tuktuk and colorfully painted cabs and as we proceed to Siam Niramit (the must see show of Thailand) we first had our full buffet dinner that made our tongue really hot and afterwards posed together with the elephants and few participants of the show. The Siam Niramit was never boring; it was full of magic and fantasies that fed our eyes all through the night despite of having the feeling of weariness. My first day was just the beginning of my wonderful travel; I had very good sleep with smile in my dreams.

The next day, we deposited our luggage at the concierge and proceed to our temple tour. On the bus I felt so distress because I had no shoes to use in the Grand Palace where they require the visitors to wear shiny, formal shoes and decent attire, but then it was a problem for I don’t brought any shoes with that kind and I had to wear again my used slacks since it was never advised to wear shorts or rugged jeans that will show my tattoos. I’m so much upset when I further realized that I can’t come to see the reclining Buddha which I am hoping to see even before that I even make the research about it. When I tried to enter the palace with my chuck taylor shoes (pasaway talaga ang mga noypi) nobody attended to stop me so I’m so overwhelmed viewing the beautiful palace and so as the reclining Buddha which I thought that I will never see anymore. It was a very hot noon and we had to walk going to the boat for our lunch at Supatra river. We are all exhausted and as we came in to the restaurant they gave us cold towels to lessen the heat in our body. Our lunch was very satisfying and still we’re not able to eat it all. We went back to the bus and we felt really sleepy so on our way going to Pattaya, which took us more than two hours, the bus went into silent mode. After we checked in at the Golden Beach Hotel in Pattaya and had our dinner at Phayamaimuang Restaurant we saw a very much different show and the international phenomenon Alcazar Cabaret show. The night showcased the very much talented gays whom I couldn’t identify as I see them performing. It was a lot of glamour and talents. It was funny that I was seated together with the Koreans and my eyes are so much alike with them (ehem, chinito kasi ako, haha, how I wish) so as they clapped for their traditional dance my friends asked me to do the same way. That night answered few of my questions about the Enthaicing Siam.

The third day was a thrill, everyone was excited to go at the beach and try different water fun activities. Before, I am so afraid to try parasailing but then I was wrong, it was fabulous and if I just had so much enough money during that time, I will try it over and over again because it’s so cool to fly and get free, flew away with the wind and felt breeze from the sea. It was a very treasured experience. We went to the bitch beach afterwards and stayed there the whole time. Even I’m not in the mood during that time, it never bothered me not to swim and have fun with my friends playing and making macho-gwapito poses for their immediate posting of pictures on their Friendster and Multiply accounts. I stayed the whole time in water and it’s just when I needed to eat lunch that I went up, and ate so much having the tastiest seafood basket on the table. I ended up having a very much tan colored skin with distinguished color on my face because of the eyeglasses I wore on the beach. I’m very exhausted but still I have to fix myself up because there was still Teakwood temple waiting. We wore hardhats as we enter the temple (the one that those engineers wear in construction sites) for the reason that it was under renovation and for safety measures that there might things to fall. My friends and I had fun at the dolphin show, it was cool but when we were about to touch them, we discovered that it will cost us, so we instead just looked at it. (kuripot ba talaga ang mga pinoy, or it’s just me?) We visited gems gallery where we are able to learn how those precious gems was done, I’m very much happy when we tried to go inside the jewelry store. (sayang hindi ako nakapitik kahit isa man lang) The third day might burn our skin so much but it definitely made us happy and experienced a difference. Damn, it was so amazing!

I’m in a need of a sleep for a long time so as my friends. I should have not waked up early but I did and it seems that every part of my body was aching. Early that day, we checked out and went back to Bangkok and proceeded to the Siam Ocean World. Big Aquariums shocked me over seeing those beautiful sea creatures. I had fun having pictures of the aquariums with different animals on it. It was a sanctuary of beauty and life in water. My lunch was fairly unique, as we went to mbk mall I wanted to eat at a fastfood so when we went up to Mcdonalds and saw their menu we moved to KFC because they serve rice which I really wanted. We went over at the Tiangge and had a time to roam around as we entered into a bowling center and arcade which was occupied by Thai teenagers align with the scenario at mall in Manila. We had so much time there and went back at the hotel and prepared back for shopping and had the very much awaited dinner at Baiyoke Sky. I experienced elegance and fun all night viewing Bangkok on top view.

The very last day is the farewell day with our kind tour guide who partly made our stay at Thailand worthy and loaded with joy. As I prepared myself, I thought of nothing. I’m just happy and hoping to visit back. I was fucking packing my stuff toy things when I heard the voice of my mom. “Pedro, huy pedro! Bumangon ka na diyan at malelate ka na sa trabaho mo! Tinutubuan ka na ng ugat diyan! Hindi ka nanaman ba papasok? Umiral nanaman yang katamaran mo! Anong oras ka na ba umuwi kagabi? Saan ka nanaman ba nanggaling? Uminom ka nanaman ng uminom? Nakipaglasingan ka nanaman ba? Hala, bilis! Bangon na diyan! Gusto mo pa yatang bungangaan kita hanggang tanghali!” Waaaaaaaaaaah!!! NOOOOOOOOOO! What the f*ck happened? I can’t believe what I saw when I opened my eyes. It was my f*ck*ng, stinky room! Just to make sure that it was certainly my room, I turned around and I saw avril lavigne’s human size poster hanging on the wall, it was really my room. (haha, avril lavigne pa daw? bakla nga ako, bakit ba?) I can’t accept the fact that I had an out of the country vacation in my dream. I love the vacation but what the f*ck?!?! It was just a f*ck*ng dream! I quickly got out of my bed and searched for my camera as fast as I can. And when I found it, I browsed its content in a high-speed manner, and to my dismay, the pictures in Thailand wasn’t there, not even one of those that I took. It was confirmed that all of it was just a dream. Damn it!

I took so many pictures and I was excited to upload it on my account. I can’t explain the f*ck*ng feeling. I missed all the videos and pictures during my stay in my dream vacation and I never had the chance to browse it over and over. The moments at the enthaicing Siam that was captured by my camera was all gone! I should get over onto it but I don’t know how. I have to blame somebody! Nice one mom! Bakit kasi ginising mo pa ako. Haha! Tang inang panaginip yan, bad trip. Yaan nyo guys, pag totoo ng nakapunta ako, i-po-post ko agad dito ang mga fektyurs. Promise! =)



  1. Anonymous  

    Sawatdee ka! (hello) i learned this on a thai restaurant placemat. how cool is that!?

    heheh! dudes sayang! ganda na sana ng trip mo. heheh! thailand is also on my "places-to-go-before-i-die" list. hahah! really great place.

  2. FerBert  

    I hayer (sa tagalog Putangina! )

    natutunan ko naman yan kay google.. hehehe.. hindi pa ako nakakapunta ng thailand pero sa mga napapanood ko sa tv mukha naman maganda plus thai babes are hot!

  3. Pedrong Tsuper-hero!  

    @tisay onga eh, ang ganda na nga sana talaga, kaso panaginip lang pala. tama yang Sawatdee ka! yan din yung tinuro nung tour guide sa panaginip ko, wahaha!

  4. Pedrong Tsuper-hero!  

    @ferbert I hayer, haha, ayus yan ah, I hayer that tourist guide, hindi tinuro sakin yan. thai babes are hot, totoo pa lang malandi ka talaga, hahaha!

  5. Sheynee  

    nyaknyak. :)
    ang panaginip ay may meaning. :D

  6. Pedrong Tsuper-hero!  

    @sheynee, onga eh, ano kaya yun? kung ikaw ang panaginip ko, alam ko na ibig sabihin, haha! at ayoko ng magising pa, hanep gumaganun pa! nyak nyak ka din! nyahahaha!

  7. xienahgirl  

    panaginip lang pala
    ang dami mo pang paligoy ligoy

  8. Pedro  

    @xG hahaha, totoong panaginip yan. :D

  9. Dakilang Tambay  

    panaginip lang pala :) hahaha..

    pero malay mo panaginip mo maging totoo.

  10. Pedro  

    @dakilang tambay, sana nga magkatotoo, gaganda kasi ng mag chicks na nakita ko dun, wahahaha.

  11. churvah  

    yang mga tirang gnyan.
    alam ko my punchline.

    kj aq eh,kaya ung last part muna binasa ko.


  12. Pedro  

    @churvah, isa lang ang masasabi ko, churvah ka talaga! hahaha! leche! hahahha ulit. biro lang. hahahaha! tapos na. hahahahaha! naintindihan mo? hahahaha! ang OA no? hahahaha! walng kwenta! hahahah!. korni na! tama na! sobra na! hahahaha! bow!

  13. nyl  

    ang sarap talaga mag biyahe. wag lang kalimutan ang gamot sa biyahelo ha!hehe

    i will visit too thailand soon!

    nice site!;0)

  14. Pedro  

    @nyl whoever you are, halatang hindi mo naman binasa ang buong post, pero ok lang. trip mo yan eh, haha!

  15. lunes  

    ang habang panaginip un ah! ahaha. hihingi pa naman ako sanang pasalubong...

  16. Anonymous  

    wow, thailand! eto ata ang pinakasulit na out-of-the-country trip ko. relatively cheaper to go to compared to Sing and HK. Hehe. Kuripot's paradise pa. :P


  17. hazelicious929  

    hahaha, natuwa naman ako sa story mo, hehehe I have been to Thailand and its really nice over there... I think you are lying because you know everything on it hehehe check mine

  18. hazelicious929

    feeling ko its not a dream, nyahahaha

  19. Pedro  

    @lunes, naiwan sa panaginip yung pasalubong. haha!

  20. Pedro  

    @binx, wow buti ka pa nakapunta na talaga! hahaha!

  21. Pedro  

    @hazelicious929, it's just a dream. i wish its not but it was. grrrrr. hehe! :D

  22. Pedro  

    @hazelicious929, nice pix, yung mga pics ko naiwan sa cam sa panaginip eh, hahahaha!

  23. hazelicious929  

    hahaha, ikaw talaga very funny! buti na lang nag eenjoy ako reading you blogs!

  24. Pedro  

    @hazelicious929, salamat naman kung ganun. i enjoy reading my blogs too. haha! :D

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